Test Process

The key test processes that typically happen in a milestone:

1.       PM Spec/Dev design and code review.

2.       Creation of Test One Pagers and Test Plans.

3.       Test Plan review and sign off.

4.       Creation of Test Cases.

5.       Manual Test Case execution including BVTs on daily builds.

6.       Test Infrastructure, Tools and Automation.

7.       Fix automation and infrastructure issues (if any).

8.       Kick off periodic performance, long haul and fuzz stress runs.

9.       Full test pass, bug filing, bug verification and bug closure.

10.   Bug bash/ Ad hoc testing and finally sign off.

11.   Postmortem, RCA and code coverage analysis.

12.   Applying the outcomes of step 11 for the next milestone.

In addition to the above there might be some unplanned high priority test passes for buddy build, pseudo loc and instrumented binaries that should be considered. Other processes like Triage and Team meetings, Status updates, field bug analysis, documentation, ramp up, knowledge transfer, tech talks, test days etc. has been excluded for simplicity.

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