Procedure to Cancel a Demand Draft

Today I cancelled a demand draft issued from State Bank of India and here is the procedure to do so:

1.       Write an application to the branch manager stating the reason for cancellation and the mode of refund i.e. cash or account transfer. I opted for cash.

2.       Affix a revenue stamp on the back of DD to be cancelled.

3.       Put your signature partly on the stamp and partly on the demand draft. You will have to put another signature on the DD just below it.

4.       Submit the cancellation application along with the DD to the branch manager and get the application stamped.

5.       Now submit the stamped application along with the DD to the cash counter to get the refund.

6.       There is a cancellation charge of Rs.100/- that will be deducted from the DD amount and the rest will be returned back to you. This cancellation charge is fixed irrespective of the DD amount.

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25 Responses to Procedure to Cancel a Demand Draft

  1. John mavara says:

    Really Informative !

  2. Sabarish says:

    I had taken the dd from an SBI branch. Now I am out of city for 2 years. Is there any possibility to cancel the dd by my friend ?

  3. The Mini Bucket List Blog says:

    Is there a particular time period within which it must be cancelled?

  4. Niharika says:

    Refund of 45000 demand draft cancellation from s.b.i.

  5. Ranjeet shetty says:

    DD is valid for 3 months I am not sure whether you can cancell it now.Go to near by Bank in your City.

  6. basha says:

    i have taken 20000 dd in sbi ..can cancel it in other branch like axis bank

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  8. Ajay says:

    Hi sir I have a DD which is 6 months old and issued by the SBI can I cancel it now and get a refund?

  9. Raksha soni says:

    Sir Actually I attended a counselling session for medical admission and they asked for original dd submission and now I have the photo copy of my dd of 5000 rs and now I want to cancle my dd bcz I didnt got ny govt. Collg. So what is the procedure?

  10. Shashank ch says:

    Sir, after cancelling the dd 0f 50k within how many days the amount will be refunded to our account. or how many days will it take to get the amount by cash

    • Saikat says:

      For cash mode, the refund should be instantaneous. I am not sure about the timelines for account transfer, but my guess is that it should also happen promptly.


    let me know the rules of RBI

  12. Vallepu srikanth says:

    Sir I lost my DD I am having only Xerox copy is it possible to cancel DD and another doubt is it cancel in taken branch or other sbi branch near by me

  13. Aniket kini says:

    i have cansel the dd worth rupees 10880 but the dd is make in below 2 month so dd cansel yes or not and how much charges is applied onto these ammount pls givr me a answer….

    • Saikat says:

      You can cancel a DD within 3 years from the date of issue. There is a cancellation charge of Rs.100/- that will be deducted from the DD amount.

  14. Farhan says:

    I have taken DD in some other city and now I have moved from there….can it be cancelled in any other branch of same bank.

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