Time Management

Last Friday I went through a training on Time Management for increasing personal productivity and efficiency. It laid emphasis on the cost of time, gave exposure on goal settings for both personal and professional life, identifying the key areas, categorization of tasks and prioritizing them based on importance and urgency and finally, executing them. In addition, it also gave examples on how to use Outlook as a tool for scheduling tasks and managing them proficiently.

However what I didn’t liked is the inclusion of biological activities like going to gym, drinking water, taking medicine, stretching etc. in the schedule. If we get into the habit of referring schedule for doing these fundamental things, then definitely going forward we will lose the human instinct of doing things naturally and start behaving more or less like machines and robots which can’t work themselves without external instructions. And definitely that day is not far away when people will wake up from sleep and the first thing they will do is to open their outlook to learn that the next thing they need to do is to brush their teeth and take a shower J This reminds me of a blockbuster Bollywood movie Ghajini.

So overall we should not get too much addicted to these artificial tools, devices and gadgets and need to draw a clear boundary when it comes to doing our obvious activities which are quite natural to human beings. After all we have our own biological clock which we should utilize to its maximum for a better and healthy future.

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