IOCL Consumer Complaint

I was charged Rs.1750/- for converting my existing single cylinder to a double cylinder connection on 12/12/09. However the receipt given to me shows only Rs. 1250/-. On asking for clarification of the residual amount they told me that Rs.300/- will be the refill charge whose receipt will be given at the time of cylinder delivery and the remaining Rs.200/- is service charge and no receipt is given for that. Now the so called service charge of Rs.200/- without any receipt is something concerning and I am not sure if that amount is part of any legal transaction or not? I have asked IOCL to confirm the same and take any appropriate action as soon as possible.

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2 Responses to IOCL Consumer Complaint

  1. Asharaf uk says:

    mob no 9446385729
    reacharge 15/1/2017 rs 339 pay transaction ok not actived

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