My recent interview experience with Seattle based MNC

First Technical Screening (Telephonic Round):
Coding Question:
Given a string of alpha-numeric characters, return the sum of numbers that are noncontiguous. For example if the given string is “xyz45ab13g1”, the function should return 59 i.e. 45+13+1.

Testing Question:
Come up with a test plan for testing a website like

Second Technical Screening (Telephonic Round):
Coding Question:
Print the distinct pair of numbers from an integer array whose product is equal to a given number. The array is unsorted and pairs like (1, 2) and (2, 1) are not distinct and considered the same pair.

Testing Question:
Write test cases for testing the above code.

Some generic questions on web requests (GET + POST) and DNS look up etc. were asked.

Onsite Interviews
First Round:
Coding Question:
Given a directory path string like “C:\a\b\c\..\.\..\g\.”, parse it so that the output is “C:\a\g”. It should be a generic code to handle any boundary conditions.

Write test cases for the above code.

Determine the largest and second largest elements in an array without sorting. Your code should be scalable to track ‘n’ largest elements.

Second Round:
Coding Question:
The nodes of a binary tree contain some digits and operators. You need to evaluate the expression through In Order traversal of the binary tree. Write code for the same and make a dry run manually.

Testing Question:
Write a function to test a random number generator. The function will take two arguments, an integer array (which is an output from the random number generator) and a positive number, and should return true or false depending on whether all the integers between 0 and the specified positive number is present in the array or not. You are not supposed to test the degree of randomness in the integer array.

Third Round:
This round was taken by hiring manager.
Coding Question:
Design a database schema with ER diagram for an online book store. Some basic information the system should capture are day to day transactions, title, publisher, author, price, number of units, current stock etc. Also write some sample queries to retrieve the bestselling title, most profitable publisher etc. Feel free to clarify any doubts you may have while designing the system.

Write a function which accepts a string format for price say “$xx,xxx.xx” and returns true or false depending on the format correctness.

Write test cases for the above code.

Fourth Round:
This round was dedicated to examine your testing concepts and methodologies. They took an example of a stock web gadget or API, which will accept company names like AMZN, GOOG etc. and return its current stock price. You own this web gadget end to end. Come up with a test strategy and plan (not just test cases) to test the feature. Include any specific requirements from partner teams, automation framework, test and bug database, test costing, any ask from developers, management etc. that you can think of.

Fifth Round:
This round was termed as Culture Fit. This was mostly an HR round with generic questions like:
Your strengths and weakness, your key accomplishments so far in the current project, your team structure, how do you deal with conflict of interest between you and management, your long term career goals, elaborate on some scenarios where things didn’t work out the way you wanted but still you managed to make things happen in the positive direction, cite out any examples where in your contributions were highly encouraged across the project, etc.

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