Job Comparison Among Amazon Microsoft Google

Being in the software jobs for a long time, below are my thoughts on work and benefits among Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

Amazon is a retail company. So their profit is not that high. However, they are number one company in the ecomm space, so they got better and better benefits these days for employees. The starting salary is quite high for Amazon employees. Right now benefit is still not that great compared to Microsoft. Also work is very tired since almost everyone has on-call duty. Lot of groups have scrum meetings. Every couple other days there is a meeting.

Microsoft has windows and office, so a monopoly in the desktop space. Work there is not that intense compared to Amazon, but the company seems stagnant for quite a while in terms of growth. The salary is not that great, but benefit, especially healthcare, is quite good for employees and spouses.

Google is like Amazon, hard work but got paid well. If you do decide to go work for the big G, just forget about family duties, as you have no time left šŸ˜‰

The bottom line is that it depends on what you want to achieve in your career. If you want to stay with big companies, then either one is OK. Otherwise, I would argue that small software companies would be better, if you want to grow.

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