How to convert normal passport application to tatkaal
I went through a similar experience recently where I had to upgrade my normal application process to tatkaal due to business travel urgency. This upgrade is only possible after your police verification has been done and you are in urgent need to expedite the remaining formalities. Overall process is summarized below:
1. After applying through Passport Seva Kendra, get your police verification done as soon as possible from local Thana and ensure that a clear report has been submitted from Police Commissioner Office to Regional Passport Office.
2. Following that you need to personally meet the Assistant Passport Officer at RPO with your urgency proof (can be an authorized letter from your company HR describing the urgency). Also don’t forget to carry your company id card. Even though I carried my id card, I had to visit RPO twice as my access card didn’t had a company logo on it and was explicitly asked to get a separate letter of affiliation on the following day.
3. Once the Assistant Passport Officer is convinced, you will be asked to get your urgency documents scanned into the system and pay a penalty of Rs.2000/- at specific counters.
4. After that you will be asked to meet the officer once again for some final remark/signature on the application token (issued while entering RPO).
5. And now, last but not least, expect your passport to be dispatched on the next working day.

Hope this should help others seeking to convert/upgrade their passport application from normal to tatkaal.

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59 Responses to How to convert normal passport application to tatkaal

  1. BK says:


    I had a query, I would highly appreciate if you can answer this:

    Currently i m working for a company X in bangalore. I got a job offer from a company Y in USA. I already have H-1B visa, Company Y is transferring my H-1B. Till this everything is fine. The problem starts from my passport.

    My passport is expiring this Sep-2014, hence applied for the re-issue of the passport under the Normal scheme. I submitted the form on 6-Mar-2014 at PSK-sai arcade, my police verification is also completed. Online status shows “Police Report has been submitted by Commissioner Office, District Bangalore and passport printing is in progress.”

    I also want to upgrade this to tatkal to get my passport asap.

    My questions are:
    1) Can I show offer cum joining letter from US company Y AND/OR H-1B transfer petition as the proof of urgency for upgrading to tatkal (colored print outs of the soft copy)?
    2) Do I need to carry Annexure ‘F’ or any other annexure?
    3) Any other think you could think of I am missing.
    4) if the answer of 1) is yes, how to get the appointment to meet the Assistance passport officer at RPO, Kormangala?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Saikat says:

      #1. Give it a try and carry all documents in original at the RPO.
      #2. Not required as per my knowledge. Worst case they would inform you to get any specific document.
      #3. If your request is accepted, you would be asked to pay the penalty fee and get all your original documents scanned at the RPO. Do ensure to carry your PSK ARN print out and any Govt. of India ID proof like Driving License, PAN Card etc.

      Public Visiting Hours at Regional Passport Office, Bangalore : 9:30 AM to 01:00 PM on all working days (except Wednesdays). Please note that enquiries will NOT be entertained on Wednesdays.

      Better reach there by 9:00 AM as queue might be longer at times.

  2. vinayderock says:

    Thanks Saikat, very helpful. I am in urgent need for re-issue and cannot apply through tatkaal directly as my previous police verification (PV) was incomplete. Got a normal appointment for tomorrow after which I will complete PV and then convert to Tatkaal.

    My query is regarding PV – How soon after your PSK appointment were you able to go for PV, was it done at your home or you had to go to Police station.

    My PSK appointment is in morning and ideally I would prefer PV the same day as I have to go out of town. Your feedback would be very helpful.. Thanks!

    • Saikat says:

      Visit your police station to expedite the process. They will come to your home for verification. I got it done within a week after my PSK appointment.

  3. H!B says:

    Hi Saikat,
    Thanks for this blog.. My passport is expiring soon and my H1b visa has already expired. The next time I come to India I need to renew both.

    I have the following questions
    1) I am hoping to get my passport reissued. Can it be done without police verification under out of turn Tatkal scheme

  4. sameer says:

    Need information/procedure on how to change application type from tatkal to normal.

  5. Emal atima says:

    I am a student ad i have applied for a normal passposrt but before getting admissioh in cambidge i need to joi another course for TOEFL prepration in US . My passport appointment is on 05/08/14 & i need to apply in the college before August , 2014. What can i do now???

  6. sejal says:

    I have made online application for fresh passport. and my appointment is on 2nd July 14. and I need to upgrade normal application to tatkal. as I have got job in X Country. if my passport Is ready than company can apply for H1-B ASAP. please advise

    • Saikat says:

      As I called out in my blog, upgrade from normal to tatkaal is only possible after police verification. Also you need to justify your urgency with appropriate supporting documents at the RPO.

  7. Naveen says:

    I have applied for re-issue of passport on 24/06/2014 and is advised for printing the passport on same day.
    But I got an onsite offer where my tentative travel date is 10th July 2014.
    Is there a possibility that i can get my passport before 10th July or do i need to convert normal scheme to tatkal.
    In my file receipt
    it is mentioned as police verification is not required.

  8. Alok says:

    Hi, I had applied for tatkal and passport asked me to sumbit annexure F with in 3 days. I approched police station and they refused and i can not submit. my question: Is it possible to apply for normal instead of tatkal after 3 days ?

  9. 2wheels says:

    Today I learnt somewhat new information* about normal-t-tatkaal change, right from the APP;s office at Malad PSK.

    *Foreign issued passport cannot be tatkaal fast-tracked in India.

    This is contradistinct as the website will permit a reissue tatkaal application. Nobody at the Malad PSK could tell me how an online application for reissue of a foreign-issued indian passport would be processed.

  10. Arabandi says:

    Saikat, two questions.

    I have applied for a passport through the ‘normal’ scheme. police verification is complete (got a text msg and update on the portal). However it says commissioner office is reviewing file, does this mean police verification is done and i can now proceed to passport office for conversion from normal scheme to tatkal or do i have to wait for the commissioner to finish his review.

    Second question- my urgency is that, i realised in the last minute that I have to write the TOEFL for a fellowship contest, which happens in September. how do i prove urgency in this case

    • Saikat says:

      You have to wait for the commissioner review to complete. You can also call up their office to expedite the process.
      For the proof of urgency you can provide all the relevant documents for fellowship contest and the mandate to write TOEFL with timeline details.

  11. Raj says:

    Very helpful article – Saikat. Thanks a bunch. Do you have the sample/ copy of the urgency letter you’ve provided. I’m in process of getting a letter from my employer. Would be great if you can provide a copy of yours.

    • Saikat says:

      There is no specific format. Your employer should clearly state that so and so person needs to visit “abc” country on a business trip from Date1 to Date2 for attending “xyz” meeting.

  12. Vikas Tyagi says:

    Hi…. I have applied for my wife’s passport on 22nd May 2014 and status still showing as “application under process at regional passport office” i am coming to India in next week to take my wife with me but as usual visa can’t be issue without visa. Now, i want to change it to tatkaal (same as you did). So please advise me is there any chances for me because my case is different than yours. My problem is after my this visit to India, my next visit would be after 6 – 7 months atleast. Please advise me.

    • Saikat says:

      Since it has been more than 2 months you applied for the passport, you should directly call up RPO or visit in-person to sort out the delay.

  13. Srini says:

    Hi Saikat,

    This instructions mentioned in this blog are really helpful to many people who are in need of converting passport application from Normal to Tatkal. I appreciate that.

    Actually my parents have applied for Passport under Normal process on 25/06/2014 and the police verification is completed within a week and the Police Report submitted to passport office as well. From last one month the status is showing as “Police Report Submitted and passport printing is initiated etc… “. I thought they will get the passport by end of July, but it didn’t happen. They need to visit to US by next month to help my wife during delivery and I am really not sure how much time it takes to get the passport.

    So my question is, If I want to convert the Normal application (Police Verification complete) to Tatkal for my parents, what kind of urgency documents they need to submit to RPO? Also, can it be done at PSK center or do they need to visit RPO?

    Thanks for your help and I really appreciate your inputs in this matter!


    • Saikat says:

      Conversion to Tatkaal might not be required in your case as the status didn’t change since last one month. Your parents need to visit the RPO along with PSK acknowledgement, id proof, current status printout etc. and get the issue sorted out.

  14. Amitava says:

    I have applied for my passport renewal 20 days back and yet to receive renewed passport. I have an urgency in business travel. Can I convert the renewal mode to tatkal now?

    Also, how long it takes to renew in ordinary mode? It seems cannot get an update on renewal process until the renewed passport is despatched. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Saikat says:

      Is police verification required for the renewal? If yes, you can convert the application mode to tatkaal only after police verification. Also you will have to justify the business urgency at the time of conversion. The time for renewal in ordinary mode varies from place to place. In case of capital cities, it typically takes around a month.

  15. OnAnIsland says:

    Hey Saikat – just saying thank you – this is great information – very useful – thanks for taking the time to post this information

    • reetan says:

      Hi saikat,

      First of all thanks for ur info.
      For changing normal to tarkall i spoke wd passport customer care. Thy said me to get sign(oly appropriate person) in anexure form F and is it enough for process??

      • Saikat says:

        The information provided by passport customer care should be correct. My case was different as I had to upgrade it midway during the normal application process.

  16. Ashish says:

    hi Saikat,
    highly appritiate ur effort to help the needfull..
    i have a query sir.
    My status shows.Police report has been submitted by your respective Thana and is under review at SP Office.
    So now can i visit RPO with the application of urgency because i am in urgent need of it.
    please advise.

    And thanks from of us.

  17. Mayank says:

    Hey I have two queries
    First, I have applied for normal passport and appointment is scheduled after 1 month but in the meantime I got a scholarship from Germany ,now can I shift it to “Tatkaal”?

    Second is that i have filled my Present address wrong can I change it even after I have payed the fee? or what should I do Improve my mistake?

    • Saikat says:

      I went through the upgrade process only after police verification. So for your case it is better to check with passport customer care on the exact procedure and its feasibility.
      And yes, you can change/update any details (you might have filled online while getting an appointment) during your visit to PSK on the scheduled date. Ensure to carry relevant address proof and call it out during your document verification at the PSK.

  18. shweta says:

    Hi, I have my gre on 16 Dec and my appointment is on 13 Nov so I needed to convert normal passport application to tatkal.. what are the documents required to submit? And how do I get the police verification done? Applying through portal for police clearance certificate? Can you explain what will be the procedure to get my passport done at the earliest?

  19. avinash says:

    I applied for the passport for by newborn baby 8 month old under normal scheme and payed the fees online, however since I am planning to migrate to Australia his medical tests have to be done and in order to expedite that process we need the passport asap as witout his passport his medical test letter cannot be issues ? What should i do or furnish to the APO …

  20. Pradipta says:

    Hi Saikat,
    I have applied in tatkal mode to renew my passport.But not able to find any one who can provide verification certificate.Now I want to convert my tatkal application to Normal application.Can you tell me what are the procedures?

  21. Rajat says:

    Hi Saikat
    I applied for a passport on 19th September under normal scheme. and i got my appointment on 13th November. Till now my application status is showing the same as “Passport application has been submitted along with applicable fees and supporting documents”. i have an interview with the company in the first week of December and after interview i have to show my passport. Can i now convert my passport to tatkal scheme? and if not then what time they will take to send file for police verification?
    Please advise. I am bit confused.
    Thanks in advance

    • Saikat says:

      Check with your local police station if they have received your file details for verification. For cities like Bangalore it typically happens within a week of application submission at the PSK. As you have already applied through normal mode and based on my experience, conversion to Tatkaal can only happen after police verification. You can re-confirm that by calling passport helpline numbers.

  22. shekh anubhab says:

    Hey Saikat.First of all a nice blog regarding personal experience regarding various issues of passport.My case is almost same still want some advise from you.I have filled the online form and paid the amount in normal(36) pages today but in PSK Kolkata they gave me an appointment date on 27/01/2015,which is very long time.Now can i switch from normal to tatkal,but I dont have any urgency to show.But i speak with one company of Singapore they told that your passport is mandatory.I am in great confusion.Please suggest what to do now..

    • Saikat says:

      I don’t think you can upgrade to tatkaal without getting your police verification done. But I would recommend to call-up passport helpline number 1800-258-1800 and clarify the process.

  23. Alam says:

    I had applied for passport on 13th of march and for police verification it came on 13th April and I had successfully submitted positive police verification on 8th of May 2015. From SP office they couriered that report to RPO on the same very day and they gave me courier number also but till now RPO didn’t received that report and the status is same as earlier viz; pending for police verification.
    I just want to know that how many days does it takes to receive the report by RPO ?

  24. Ashish says:

    I have applied to re-issue my passport on 17/06/2015 at PSK (Aundh, Pune) under Normal category. In fact I wanted to apply it under Tatkaal category as it was urgent for me to go abroad for my new job. But mixed information about needing “Annexure F” made my matter worse. I tried to call their helpline number to no availability to get any operator(called several times and waited upto an hour too). Their website has the format for “Annexure F” but when gone through the the documents required on their website, it did not include any such “Annexure F”. It only asked for my old passport and current residential proof. Tried to visit the Passport Office but the employees they have were so rude and not giving any information properly but atleast they told me that I need to bring in “Annexure F” One of them even told me to an agent standing nearby the Office.Then tried approaching some agent for application under Tatkaal, but after listening to their charges I was shocked. It ranged from Rs.15000 To Rs. 22000 (In Pune). When asked for what they need so much? Their reply was out of that money about Rs 10000, To 12000 goes to the Class One officer( who verifies and signs the “Annexure F”). Then I decided not to pay a penny to them and took an appointment under Normal category for re-issuing of my passport. By this time i had wasted about a month’s time. Which made me to loose my opportunity to go abroad in time, ended up in loosing that job as well. Pretty Pathetic.

    Now, it is about 15 days since my application, I am tracking the status everyday which only says ” Passport application has been submitted along with applicable fees and supporting documents.”
    I am still not sure how long would it take for re-issuing of my passport?

    After all these things I still have question in my mind that is the “Annexure F” required for Tatkaal process? As I still meet people who say it all passport offices have stopped asking for it.
    Also if that is true will I be able to convert my application for Re-issue of passport under normal category to Tatkaal process? As the file number has already been generated. I am really not sure. Please throw some light if anyone knows about it?

    Thank You.

  25. parveez says:

    I want to convert my Normal application into tatkaal scheme after police verification.because I have got an oppurtunity to travel to abroad from the company in which I’m currently working can I convert my application into tatkaal scheme without annexure F.

  26. rajendra mule says:

    I had query , I have complete my passport application but application on hold due to my change Name in my birth certificate they give me next appointment on 24/05/2016 but I need passport urgently , my application type is normal. My file no is generated, So it possible I convert my application normal to tatkal type

    • Saikat says:

      Upgrade from normal to tatkaal is only possible after police verification. Since your file number is yet to be generated, you can check with the passport helpline for any policy exemption.

  27. Manoj says:

    I lost my passport recently , which was expired 6 years before. I am having missing certificate. I need my passport urgently. I got appointment for normal scheme .is it possible for me to change it to tatkal? I don’t have a offer letter directly from the company. But having a approved letter from the agencies. What shall I do now. Please reply

  28. Gayathri Venkatadri says:

    Mr Saikat ..Thank you for your detailed post. I have applied for passport reissue under normal application. It has been two weeks since I submitted my application at the PSK and there is no change in status from “application under review at RPO”. I have to travel in a month’s time and am worried that I will not receive my passport on time. I have not yet been called for police verification..How do I change from normal application to tatkal? Do I visit the police station and ask them to send the pvr or do I have to wait for the RPO to ask me to go for poice verification? Also is it possible for me to completely redo this process and make it tatkal as am I willing to forgo the amount? Please advice.

    • Saikat says:

      I don’t think you can upgrade to tatkaal without getting your police verification done. But I would recommend to call-up passport helpline number 1800-258-1800 and clarify the process.

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