Worrying yourself to death

When it comes to stress, illness and wellness, it is important to remember that what goes on in your mind is reflected in your body.

People who continually worry and get stressed about their problems tend to develop tense muscles, become tired easily or get headaches. When their mind is stressed, their body becomes stressed too.

Dwelling on your mistakes and over-analyzing what could go wrong or what you could have done differently only drains your energy and distracts you from what you have to do.

Worrying only uses up energy and doesn’t really help your situation. Like acid, worry will just eat you away if you let it into your life each day.

There are endless things you can worry about…service, safety, health, future, etc.
But let’s face it:
• Worry doesn’t change the situation
• Worry won’t help time move any quicker
• Worry won’t help you with your service
• Worry just doesn’t help in any way…

So don’t do it!
Be Happy

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